Giggledy Piggledy

The clue in two words
A Giggledy Piggledy clue is two words like "ruby cot" or "angry father".

The solution in two words
The solution is two words that mean something similar, rhyme, and have the same number of syllables. So the solution for "ruby cot" is "red bed". Ruby and red are both a similar kind of color and a cot and a bed are both things you sleep on. You could call an "angry father" a "mad dad". "mad" rhymes with "dad" and they both have one syllable.

How to play
Read the clue on the yellow sticky note.
Drag the letters on to the black dots on the upper part of the fridge to spell out the solution.
If you get stuck, touch the pig and Siri will read the solution out loud (possibly mispronouncing it, but...)
Once you've got the letters in the right place, things will happen and then a new puzzle will show up.
If you get REALLY stuck, just double tap the home button, swipe up on the app, and relaunch the app from the home screen.